Three papers co-authored by the CHL authors were accepted to be presented at the IEEE VR 2023 workshops

Cyber-Human Lab members co-authored three workshop papers that will be presented at the upcoming 30th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces. The presentations will be delivered online.


Luca O. Solari Bozzi (corresponding author), Dr Sławomir Tadeja and Dr Thomas Bohné from Cyber-Human Lab, together with Dr Kerr Samson and Dr Sebastian Pattinson from the Complex Additive Materials Group, co-authored a paper on 3D printer repair using augmented reality (AR): Solari Bozzi et al. Towards Augmented Reality Guiding Systems: An Engineering Design of an Immersive System for Complex 3D Printing Repair Process, the accepted version can be found here:, the XRIOS workshop: 


Dr Sławomir Tadeja (corresponding author) and Dr Thomas Bohné from Cyber-Human Lab co-authored a paper on virtual reality (VR) application in the medical presentation: Tadeja et al. Towards More Effective VR-Based Presentations of Real-World Assets: Showcasing Mobile MRI to Medical Practitioners and Technicians, the accepted version can be found here:, XR Health workshop:


Dr Sławomir Tadeja from the Cyber-Human Lab co-authored a workshop article on using virtual reality (VR) and speech analysis for practising public speaking and voice emission training: Igras-Cybulska et al. Towards a Multimodal VR Trainer of Voice Emission and Public Speaking – Work in Progress, the accepted version can be found here:, MASSXR workshop:


Congratulations to all contributors on this achievement!