Dr Sławomir Tadeja

Research Associate

Slawomir K. Tadeja is a postdoctoral research associate in the Cyber-Human Lab belonging to the Institute of Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge. Previously he had undertaken his Ph.D. studies in the Engineering Department (Cambridge), working on immersive visual analytics in Virtual Reality (VR) applied in various branches of engineering. Here, he worked on designing, implementing, and testing VR tools for turbomachinery design (Aerospace and Aeronautics), visualizing complex multidimensional data (Aerospace and Aeronautics), and capturing information from photo-realistic models (Civil Engineering). Sławomir works across domains trying to understand, design, and prototype solutions where cyber-physical systems may bring the most benefits, including manufacturing, digital twinning, robotics and automata, rehabilitation and medicine, and other engineering use case scenarios. For almost a year, he was also a research associate within the DigiTwin initiative researching the design methodologies for digital twinning.

In addition, Sławomir also served as a research assistant at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, where he completed his undergraduate and graduate-level studies in Computer Science. His Master’s thesis concerned Monte Carlo simulations of a novel, nuclear physics-based methods for detecting hazardous substances underwater. While a student, Sławomir undertook various internships and work placements, including CERN, European Space Agency, Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS in Kraków, and Microsoft Dublin.

Sławomir also co-founded the Immersive Toolbox startup focusing on human-centered Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the industry. The startup received awards and funds from Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and Lodz Special Economic Zone (LSSE). In addition, the work carried out in the company has led to two scientific publications at IEEE VR 2022 workshops, one of which was describing a mobile, cross-platform AR solution developed in collaboration with experts from Bosch Poland. The startup was acquired in 2022.

Sławomir’s work has been published in various scientific venues such as AIAA Journal, AIAA SciTech (Design Engineering Tech. Committee Best Presentation award), Aeronaut. J., IEEE IROS, ACM CHI, IEEE ISMAR, IEEE VR, IEEE CG&A, Multimed. Tools. Appl., IEEE Trans. on Games, and others.

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