Paul-David Zürcher

Postgraduate Student

Paul-David Zuercher is a postgraduate researcher at the Cyber-Human lab at the Universiy of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering. His research is focusing on optimisation and evaluation of virtual learning environments. As a member of ESPRC’s AgriFoRwArdS program, he focuses on overcomming global challenges in the agri-food sector by developing human-centric autonomous systems with immersive technologies.

As part of the AgriFoRwArdS program, he currently studies Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the University of Lincoln on a master level. Subsequently, Paul will continue his research at the University of Cambridge’s Cyber-Human Lab enabled thorugh EPSRC’s awarded scholarship that covers both tuition fees and living costs. Additionally, Paul holds an Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Paul is currently the technology lead of the Cyber-Human Lab’s Learning Environment Optimisation Research and Development Group. His ambition to promote better human-computer interfaces from a young age, leads to more than 8 years of industry experience with immersive technologies. Furthermore, Paul always enjoys drinking coffee – so if you are interested in exchanging thoughts you should drop him a message.