Cyber-Human Lab and World Economic Forum publish a new white paper

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum, the Cyber-Human Lab (Mirco Möncks, Elisa Roth and Thomas Bohné) has published a white paper on workforce augmentation and how technology can empower people in industry.

Although technology is an important pillar of organizational strategy, people remain essential on shop floors and will continue to be so in the future.

To remain competitive in an increasingly complex manufacturing landscape, companies need to move beyond an automation narrative and consider the empowering role of augmentation.

This involves placing the workforce at the centre of discussions, creating a more accessible and inclusive work environment, increasing employees’ well-being and fostering human connection and collaboration.

This white paper illustrates how augmentation technologies assist the workforce to establish a future of industrial work that is more productive, accessible, inclusive and sustainable.

The paper is free to download and can be found here: