CHL co-organised together with RWTH Aachen University the first symposium Augmented Intelligence at Work (AIAW2022)

5-6 October 2022, the first symposium Augmented Intelligence at Work (AIAW2022) took place. The event brought together perspectives on augmented intelligence from technological, ethical, social, psychological, and legal perspectives. Augmented intelligence is the use of machines to augment — rather than replace — human intellectual activity, which is an increasingly important topic in society. The objective of the symposium was to provide a much-needed impetus for a joined-up scientific approach on this topic. Guided by the overarching question “what is the vision of augmented intelligence at work?” it created a new interdisciplinary discourse, and jointly established the state of the art, main vocabulary, questions, and research roadmap of augmented intelligence. A short video of the event is below.